Some are blurry, sorry. Germany was very much like his character, haha. He was nice as he was actually watching someone to keep them from interrupting the photo. I appreciate that he let me take one as he was planning on leaving. The volunteer (red sash) was Niku! He was awesome and a great help. Niku was dedicated! He came late to a shift, so he picked up two more shifts that were really early in the morning! I’m talking about 3 in the morning shifts!

I don’t have pictures of them, but I met two great guys who cosplayed as Spiderman and Venom. They were hilarious and I kind of miss them. There was another SAO cosplayer who is awesome to hang with. We found it hilarious with the differences of our cities. There was a Marceline that was spunky as can be. I miss my fellow volunteers. I’m totally going back next year!

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